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 Plus Messenger v9.7.4.0 MOD APK (Mod Extra/Lite)

Updated on August 6, 2023
Plus Messenger is one of the handy tools that a wide range of people like using. The ability to display tabs on your screen is one of the sources of i
Name Plus Messenger
Package Name
Publisher rafalense
Category Communication
Size 32MB
Price free
Requires 4.0 and up
MOD Features X/Lite
Link Download multi

⚙Mod Features:
◉ Sponsered Ads & Analytics Removed
◉ dark Splash
◉ Full Translation
◉ Og TG icon and notification icon

Table of contents
Plus Messenger Plus Messenger Plus Messenger Plus Messenger
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Introduce about Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger is one of the handy tools that a wide range of people like using. The ability to display tabs on your screen is one of the sources of inspiration for this. Customers can rearrange the message tabs in the post box to make reading and responding to messages easier. It will normally include top selections, uninformed texts, or messages from social gatherings, with your arrangement clear. With this program, you can surely eliminate all unnecessary tabs.

For people who own a business, this is thought to be the best application. Furthermore, regardless of the employment you have, this is consistently valued in information. What makes me say that? You may sign in to up to 10 records at once while using this application on the same device and in the same application. Then, you may use them for a wide range of objectives. Customers may quickly and easily move between records to respond to messages.

I recognize that utilizing Plus Messenger has irrevocably altered your life. Time may be greatly reduced by talking to others and exchanging knowledge. With this program, you can communicate privately with everyone and get them together for a similar social gathering. Customers are fully permitted to create a wide range of chat social gatherings, giving each one a free name to prevent misunderstandings in the future. Give each group a name, such as "business talk bundle" or "family visit pack."

• Separate tabs for each type of conversation, including manager/producer, clients, social gatherings, channels, bots, and top choices. • A variety of customization options for tabs Several accounts (up to 10). • Arrangements Make visits into personalized social gatherings (family, work, sports...). •Plans may be backed up and recovered. • Modify the application coordinator default. • Variable visit organization techniques • A 100-visit maximum on adhered visits. • Raised the 20-sticker cutoff for the most loved stickers.
• When customers are online or forming, display floating warnings. • Choose every visit and make several choices (read, calm/unmute, archive...). • Forward communications without citation. Before mailing, edit the message or engraving. • Save reports with a unique name. • Text copy assurance. • Before sending, adjust the photo quality. • When visiting, display the customer profile. • Increase the visit's floating date by one hour. •Begin the video using the primary camera.

Download Plus Messenger APK for Android

• Display download status • Fast transitions between chats using the quick bar • Display media and client messages in bundle talks •Channels' "Show/Cover Calm" and "Unmute" buttons. • More than ten distinct air pockets, and it really looks at the plans.

Available Versions of Plus Messenger

• Hide the flexible number from the course menu bureau and the settings menu. • Display username rather than handy number in the course menu. • Select night mode from the course menu. • Show/hide decisions from the course menu. • Make use of phone emojis. • Use a phone texting style. • Save and restore Plus preferences. Use a talk counter.

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