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Riverside: Farm Village v1.4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Published on September 7, 2022
Riverside: Farm and City Building is a useful game for individuals who appreciate developing city farms, farm communities, and city test frameworks
Name Riverside: Farm Village
Package Name com.playkot.river
Publisher Playkot LTD
Category Simulation, Casual
Version 1.4.0
Size 90MB
Price free
Requires 5.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Currency
Link Download apkadmin

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Currency ( PLS READ instructions below carefully )
1. Enable the currency mod.
2. Construct any building, for example: Dairy Factory, Sugar Factory,
Chicken Coop…
– If you are a new player, then wait until you completed tutorial at level 4,
which you can construct Dairy Factory.
3. Click on the building, then speed up the process by using cash.
4. (Important) Now, disable the mod. In fact, don’t turn it on in the future.
– Otherwise, your game might become broken where you currency
become 0.
*I strongly recommend to try on emulator first, and use dummy account if
**Since the game requires internet connection, so there’s always a risk.

Table of contents
Riverside: Farm Village Riverside: Farm Village Riverside: Farm Village Riverside: Farm Village Riverside: Farm Village

Introduce about Riverside: Farm Village

Riverside: Farm and City Building is a useful game for individuals who appreciate developing city farms, farm communities, and city test frameworks. You considered becoming one, expecting that you would be hunting for amazing, new construction games! Thank you for returning!

A compelling and lighthearted family experience game about a once prosperous town that has since fallen into an unrecoverable financial slump, is one of the best city building games. Only two or three of the most tenacious and persistent tenants are left after the vast majority of them have left. You, the new city director, are their last hope because they have nothing else to rely on.

In this family experience building game, take control of the city's organization, restructure the metropolis, and rebuild the agriculture that has become flimsy. You can also plant crops on the peaceful farm across the stream, take care of pets, gather crops, and equip the Renaissance metropolis with various foods, feeds, and items. Create a town worthy of its name.
In this city-building family experience game, you will be responsible for fixing the city's failing systems and cultivating the region. You cultivate crops and animals on the peaceful estate across the stream, keep an eye out for pets, and engage in trade to support the urban Renaissance. a town that lives up to its name. Find Farm Town's most amazing spots and fill them with perfect houses. By renovating the city's historic homes, bistros, town square, associations, schools, and fire station, you can assist it in resuming a provincial way of life.

The main farm settlement was simply a shambles of wilted plants, and the dreadful-looking dwellings were built to fall. However, after numerous long periods of progress, city life looked to be magnificent. You remodel the streets, including magnificent flower beds and replanting rows of lush, green trees. High-rise structures leapt up and down, as dairy cows, poultry, and natural objects began to shape themselves. People who believed they would starve were spared by considering a range of meals. The city thrived once again, becoming wealthier and home to a sizable population. The gamers are continually observing and encouraging the metropolis, and numerous developments are planned.

Available Versions of Riverside: Farm Village

You will be tested on your developing skills in this city-producer game. Develop new interests, keep an eye on current ones, and assign local advancement errands to keep them occupied while you transport supplies from the stream port of your assembly town to your region.

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