Terabox: 1TB Storage Space v3.25.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on March 4, 2024
Get 1TB Cloud Storage Space with One-Click. Never Run out of Memory Again, Automatically back up your photos and videos. Supports online photo previe
Name Terabox
Package Name com.dubox.drive
Publisher Flextech Inc.
Category Storage, Backup
Version 3.25.0
Size 100MB
Price free
Requires 5.0 and up
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Link Download apkadmin

⚙ Mod Features-
◉ Premium Unlocked;
◉ About Premium:
What works:
• Video speed
• 1080p video quality unlocked
• Video backup
• High download speed with TeraBox
What does not work:
• Login with Google**
• The safe still has a limit of 200MB (this is a server)
• +2TB to space (this is a server room)
• Unpacking .zip/.rar files
About Mods:
• Main page:
- Banner with TeraBox Premium
- What is TeraBox
- Phone memory analysis
- Advertising
- Premium badge
- Caption New on Take Photo and Upload
• Menu:
- Banner with TeraBox Premium
- Space management
- PC version
- Check for updates
- Support
- Bonus Center
- Premium badge
- Inscription Files will be deleted permanently after 30 days
• Banners:
- With TeraBox your data is safe
- TeraBox keeps data safe
- TeraBox protects your account
- What is TeraBox (displayed on first install)
- Get X7
- 100GB
• Video tab:
- Banner Backup Autocopy Video
- Premium inscription Near 1080p quality
- Premium inscription near video speed
Rewards and the like can be obtained by clicking on the Home page banner Used -/1028GB

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Terabox Terabox Terabox Terabox Terabox
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Introduce about Terabox

Sign up for 1024GB of free permanent cloud storage! Backup your photographs and videos automatically. enables for video playing via the internet and photo preview

You can store almost 6.5 million pages of documents, 3,000,000+ images, or 2500+ video files with TeraBox. We offer a secure location for all of your files and storage, guarding against data theft. Your critical material may be backed up, synced, accessed, and shared without risk.

Create safe backups and get free secure cloud storage to prevent losing your data! Anyone may use TeraBox to upload, transfer, and exchange files with friends and family. Backup your pictures, movies, documents, and other things to the cloud so you can access them from anywhere, on any computer or mobile device!

You can back up all of your images and movies with Terabox more quickly than before. Most individuals snap photos while they travel or dine to save their experiences for the future. If you continue in that manner, your collection of pictures will get larger very quickly. Are you concerned that you won't be able to save them any longer, or do you believe that you should delete them to free up memory? However, this program will accommodate all of your requests and make it quick and straightforward to backup photographs from your phone to other devices.

This program keeps you safe and protects your privacy when you upload all of your private photos and videos to the cloud storage service. Furthermore, you can easily and independently evaluate any of your images. All of your possessions will be meticulously and securely stored, with only you having access to them.

TERABOX can assist you in finding the necessary documents by using precise and memorable keywords. Perhaps you are searching for important information but are unsure of where to look. You could, however, recall a specific term. Within a few seconds, you will have the precise, thorough results you are looking for for each important piece of material. Feel free to use and appreciate the contemporary features to satisfy all of your needs.

to make handling a lot of data with various content easier for me. You should make your own organized folders for this reason. Once you have the folders, managing them takes much less time. Additionally, this program will give you confidence when uploading data from different gadgets like laptops or phones. Additionally, you may delete any file or image with a single click by selecting "delete" after clicking the item you wish to remove. It merely takes a few seconds to remove things I don't like because of how light and easy the procedure is.

Download Terabox APK for Android

When you download the app, it doesn't take up much space on your phone. When you utilize this amazing storage program, you will undoubtedly have a valuable experience with space-saving and permanent storage. Terabox's easy features provide several advantages to mobile device users. Download this really useful tool right now to store as many images, favorite movies, and many other documents as you like.

Available Versions of Terabox

The program enables you to save photographs, videos, and document files with maximum security without worrying about sensitive data being taken from them. Set the security settings on this storage application so that all of the data you have put there is kept private. Organize your storage space by categories to make it easier for you to manage and utilize storage space. This will enable you to access the movies, photographs, and documents you need quickly. Make your own categories to switch between folders, files, photos, and videos with ease.

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