Viber - Safe Chats And Calls v21.3.1.0 (Patched Pro)

Published on November 26, 2023
Viber is a chat and calling service that connects over a billion people globally! Viber has it all: group chats, ephemeral messages, reminders, and m.
Name Viber - Safe Chats And Calls
Package Name com.viber.voip
Publisher Viber Media S.Ć  r.l.
Category Communication
Size 50MB
Price free
Requires 5.0 and up
MOD Features Patched Pro
Link Download Direct

Mod Features
• Applied custom patch for LuckyPatcher from Blue cat
• Removed informing about the inaccessibility of Google Play services
• Removed banner at the top of the screen
• Removed the "Privacy Policy" tab in the "Privacy" menu
• Manifest optimized to improve performance and lower memory consumption
• Used sticker pack from Aleks.Duhov
• Google maps for sending location works
• Google Drive backup works
• Unlocked the ability to send all types of files
• "Viber" contacts are selected by default
• By default, the menu items are disabled:
•• Confidentiality / Personal Data:
Collect analytics;
Content personalization.
Many More Features
★ Mod By CaM/7oCe6e

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Viber - Safe Chats And Calls Viber - Safe Chats And Calls Viber - Safe Chats And Calls Viber - Safe Chats And Calls Viber - Safe Chats And Calls Viber - Safe Chats And Calls

Introduce about Viber - Safe Chats And Calls

With the help of the program Viber-Safe Chats and Calls, you may make free calls and text messages to friends and acquaintances. Many individuals all throughout the world value how quickly they can make loud, clear conversations and send brief messages. The best aspect is that there are no hidden fees or costly shipping expenses involved in downloading or using it.

You may send free messages using this app in addition to the SMS messaging software on your phone. Give the sender the information you wish to send. Additionally, you can send more images or stickers to liven up your chat and lessen annoyance and boredom. It is regarded as a top-notch, dependable, and contemporary substitute that consumers all over the world utilize.

This app contains encryption features to safeguard and save all of your personal data. All significant communications and information are securely preserved. Nobody else randomly writes in your talks. Only your phone can have this encryption key, preventing anyone from reading your texts or pretending they involve unlawful conduct.

Start a group chat with up to 250 people to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. Create a meeting with up to five individuals in group chat to conduct business or include additional people in an ongoing phone call. User-to-user (U2U) applications like Viber Messenger are available. Viber Messenger has replaced Skype and Slack in many organizations and groups. Its ease of use, widespread appeal, and dependability are the reasons.

Any information you exchange on Viber is always private between you and your contacts thanks to continuous encryption. Your device transmits every message you send to the receiver using an encrypted code that can only be decrypted with the device's encryption key. The encryption key is only valid for usage on your device and nowhere else. Therefore, no one can see the communication, not even Viber. Want to keep a certain discussion from being displayed among others in the main chat list? You can conceal discussions from the main chat list in Hidden Chat and then access them later using a PIN.

Set a self-destruct timer in a private chat for each message in the conversation so that it is wiped from the recipient's phone after it has been read. Words are insufficient! With over 35,000 stickers from the Viber sticker market and a ton of GIFs, you can express all of your emotions. For individuals without internet access, low-maintenance cell phones, or landlines, Viber is out. Viber is also out for those who don't utilize Viber. Viber offers free calls, SMS, and international calling!

Be mindful of the dangers involved in sharing your private information with other people. Parents are urged to bring up this topic and explain how simple it is to save and share texts, photographs, and videos just like any other digital item. Users of Viber can notify a connection of their whereabouts. But by default, this function is deactivated.

Download Viber - Safe Chats And Calls APK for Android

Without delay, download this wonderful software and spend the day with your pals.

Available Versions of Viber - Safe Chats And Calls

Sometimes relationships involve more than just two people and occur among a group of friends. You may form messaging groups with this app with your pals. It enables you and your pals to have fun. Therefore, this game has a lot of fantastic features.

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