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Chordify - Instant Song chords v1816 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on August 22, 2023
Chordify: Instantly access accurate chords for guitar, piano, and ukulele. Play, learn, and jam with ease. Unlock your musical journey today!
Name Chordify - Instant Song chords
Publisher Chordify B.V.
Category Music & Audio
Version 1816
Size 45MB
Price free
Requires Android 6.0 and up
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Link Download Multi

Mod Features
Premium Unlocked
Mod By ZackModz
◉ Original Signature Changed

Table of contents
Chordify - Instant Song chords Mod APK Chordify - Instant Song chords Mod APK Chordify - Instant Song chords Mod APK Chordify - Instant Song chords Mod APK Chordify - Instant Song chords Mod APK
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Introduce about Chordify - Instant Song chords

For musicians of all skill levels, Chordify offers precise and simple-to-read chords for the guitar, ukulele, and piano, making it the ideal tool for learning and playing their favorite songs. If you're a pianist searching for the ideal chord progression for a jazz standard, a ukulele player learning a new pop song, or a guitarist looking for the correct chords for a famous rock song, Chordify has you covered.

In just a few easy steps, you can sing along to your favorite song:

  • 1. Look up your preferred tune.
  • 2. Decide on an instrument.
  • 3. Play on!

Your go-to source for chords for the guitar, ukulele, and keyboard is Chordify. We assist musicians of all skill levels in learning to perform their favorite music. With its user-friendly player, Chordify provides you with the music chords for any song and lines them up with the beat.

Play whatever kind of music you choose, including country, rock, blues, jazz, metal, Christmas tunes, and many more.

To get premium features like quick guitar chord transposition, ukulele capo functionality, and piano MIDI file downloads, upgrade to Chordify Premium. With PDF printouts, you may repeat problematic passages, slow down challenging portions of a song, and carry chord diagrams with you everywhere you go. You can learn your instrument more quickly and effectively than ever before with Chordify Premium.

  • If you wish to play in a different key, you may simply transpose the chords.
  • Try using the capo tool to perform your chord-based tunes quickly and easily.
  • If you struggle with a certain chord, songs may be slowed down so you can follow along.
  • Loop challenging sections to jam like a pro.
  • For simple audio editing, download your favorite songs' chord progressions as a MIDI file.

All people are musicians. Play your instrument now by learning it. Never dabbled with playing an instrument? No issue; we are here to assist you in improving your musical abilities. Every one of our songs has simple chord diagrams. For the piano, ukulele, or guitar chords, you may find an accessible chord diagram. In a fun and simple method, learn how to play. The guitar-related app!

WHAT Chordify IS

To help you find the chords for any song you desire, music enthusiasts created the online music education resource Chordify. We aim to teach you the songs you want to perform on the piano, guitar, or ukulele. Our service will sync your song with an easy-to-use, creative music player after automatically identifying the chords and audio signal of a song.

What this app does

  • Find any song's chords right away.
  • Correct song chords for the ukulele, guitar, and piano
  • Browse our database of over 22,000,000 song chords.
  • Animations for every instrument
  • Simple to use interactive player for jamming

Get access to ukulele, piano, or guitar chords for any song by downloading the Chordify app. Using this simple chord finder, you may practice playing any song while learning the guitar.

Download Chordify - Instant Song chords APK for Android

Get any song's guitar, ukulele, and piano chords by downloading Chordify right now!

Available Versions of Chordify - Instant Song chords


With its precise and user-friendly song chords for the guitar, ukulele, and piano, Chordify is a great platform for musicians of all skill levels. Users can easily study, play, and rock out with the help of Chordify's vast database of over 22 million song chords, animated instrument views, and easy interactive player. 

Chordify's user-friendly features and chord transposition choices make mastering your favorite songs a snap, regardless of your level of musical experience. For a better learning experience that includes chord transposition, capo tools, slow-down options, and MIDI file downloads, upgrade to Chordify Premium. With Chordify, you can now realize your musical potential and set off on a mellow path of self-expression and skill advancement.

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