Chess v2.8.2 Mod (Ads Removed, Premium Unlocked)

Published on December 1, 2023
a masterwork of strategy featuring 10 levels, puzzles, and unique elements. In this vibrant and visually amazing chess environment, become a Chess Mas
Name Chess
Publisher Chess Prince
Category Board, Strategy
Version 2.8.2
Size 2MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Link Download Direct

Mod Features
◉ Pro/ Paid Unlocked
◉ All debug Info Removed
Released By Pradzee Mod

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Table of contents
Chess mod apk Chess mod apk Chess mod apk Chess mod apk

Introduce about Chess

In the world of Chess Mod, the age-old strategic miracle of chess is given a contemporary spin. This cutting-edge application turns the classic board game into a dynamic journey of skill growth, offering players of all ability levels an engaging experience.

Getting the Hang of Chess Pieces

Explore the subtle differences between each chess piece:

  • Pawn Strategy: Advance one or two steps and strike opponents diagonally.
  • King's Dominion: Use moves in diagonal, horizontal, or vertical directions to control the board.
  • Queen's Versatility: Move fluidly in any direction, whether it is vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.
  • Rook's Range: Travel freely over both horizontal and vertical paths.
  • Perform a one-step horizontal and two-step vertical lunge, or the opposite.
  • Bishop's Diagonal Mastery: Easily traverse any length of diagonal space.

Handling Chess Situations

Reveal important chess situations:

  • Check: The monarch is in grave danger from adversaries.
  • Checkmate: A critical circumstance in which the player has no way out.
  • Stalemate: An impasse that results in a draw with no permissible moves.

Special Moves Explained

Discover the genius of these two distinct moves:

  • Castling is a double move in chess where the king and the immovable rook are coordinated.
  • En Passant: Leap over an opponent's pawn to take advantage of the chance for a pawn to capture.

Features that Improve the Experience with Chess Mods

  • Ten Difficulty Levels: Increase difficulty at your own speed.
  • Chess puzzles: Encourage the use of strategy.
  • Helper (Game Assistant): Get assistance as required.
  • Undo Function: Use a straightforward undo to correct moves.
  • Go ahead. Get strategic thoughts as hints.
  • Achieve starry achievements by finishing levels without having to undo them.
  • Various Themes: Choose from seven themes to personalise your chess experience.
  • Dual Views: Select between the 3D and 2D board views.
  • Alternate Mode: Investigate a distinct gaming angle.
  • 2-Player Mode: Instantaneously challenge buddies.
  • Realistic Graphics: Take in the breathtaking scenery as you play chess.
  • Save feature: Pick up where you left off when playing.
  • Soundscape: Take in the game's engrossing audio effects.
  • Compact Size: A potent encounter contained in a tiny box.

Available Versions of Chess

Chess v2.8.2
Premium Unlocked
Chess v2.8.2

Take part in the revolution that is chess. Please provide comments and ideas to improve this developing application. Let's reinvent the chess experience together.

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