Cognise | AI Art Generator v1.1.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Published on February 29, 2024
COGNISE, your top AI-Art Generator, allows you to unleash your boundless creative potential. Transform words into captivating artwork, and photos.
Name Cognise | AI Art Generator
Publisher AI Tech Hub
Category Art & Design
Version 1.1.5
Size 29MB
Price free
Requires Android 6.0 and up
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Link Download Play Store

Mod Features
◉ Pro/ Paid Unlocked
◉ CPUs: Universal; ◉ Added Unlimited credit
Released By Pradzee

Cognise Content
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Introduce about Cognise | AI Art Generator

Explore the realm of boundless inventiveness with COGNISE, the finest AI-Art Generator. See how it seamlessly transforms sentences into captivating works of art and images into breathtaking visual masterpieces. Your best option for creating AI images that smoothly combine creativity and ingenuity is Cognise. Experience the excitement of transforming ideas into powerful pictures and pictures into prompts—all at your fingertips.


šŸŽØ Word to Art Magic: Use our AI image generator to transform your words into visually stunning artwork with only a tap. Let your thoughts create a world, and let Cognise—the finest AI art app—make it a reality.

Even with a simple instruction like "AI painting generate art girl," our sophisticated AI-Art Generator is up to the task. Whether you choose the Pixar or anime creator style, our flexible tool ensures precise and beautiful AI-generated graphics in a matter of seconds. Discover the ease with which you can create lifelike portraits by utilising the accuracy and speed of our AI portrait generator. Watch the magic happen as your ideas become visually striking realities with each click. With Cognise, your go-to partner for exceptional AI-generated art, your creative potential is limitless.

šŸ“· Boost Image Quality to HD: With our cutting-edge AI photo enhancer, explore a world of unmatched visual perfection. Our solution is the height of sophistication; it not only improves picture quality but also upsades your photos to a gorgeous 4K resolution with ease. Our application, the best AI upscaler in its class, guarantees that every image is converted into a high-definition masterpiece, making it a necessary tool for anyone looking to easily and precisely enhance and upscale their visual content. Accept the future of image improvement when you see our AI picture quality enhancer's amazing powers at your fingers.

šŸ”„ Text to Image / Prompt

Experience the boundless potential of our artificial intelligence art generator. Explore the wide range of creative possibilities by smoothly moving in just a few seconds from a basic image to a personalised prompt. Whether you're curious about artificial intelligence (AI) art, looking for an AI portrait generator, or seeing anime-style artwork, this flexible application converts image input into beautiful, customised prompts.

šŸ–Œ️ Discover A Wide Variety of Art Styles: Select from a wide variety of styles, such as hyperrealism, cinematic, Pixar art, anime, neon punk, 3D model, cartoon, horror, fashion, and more, to fit your artistic vision.

šŸ“ Customisation at Your Fingertips

Select the Perfect Image Size to Create Your Masterpieces with Precision. With the help of our AI picture creation tool, you may customise any type of canvas, including square ones, to fit your artistic goals. Your artistic journey will be an exploration of limitless possibilities because of the versatility of our AI art generator, which guarantees that every pixel is a representation of your own style.


  • Portrait Magic: Using the most recent model, the AI Portrait Generator produces incredibly lifelike photos. Watch as your images are turned into amazing works of art.
  • Fine-Tune Your Masterpiece: Try experimenting with other styles, such as the vivid fantasy and horror pictures or the strong anime brushstrokes. Use simple controls to provide the ideal finishing touch to your artwork.
  • šŸš€ Share Your Art: Using the app, share your AI-generated artwork straight away. Become a part of a lively creative community, look through related designs, and let the world see your work.
  • šŸŒˆ Create Beyond Boundaries: Make original AI-generated art, movie posters, or personalised emoticons. Your creativity is the only limit to the possibilities.

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Available Versions of Cognise | AI Art Generator

Cognise | AI Art Generator v1.1.5
Premium Unlocked
Cognise | AI Art Generator v1.1.5

With the help of our AI-Art Generator, COGNISE, go on a creative exploration adventure where your thoughts become art and your art becomes a narrative.

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